Baker Business & Tax Solutions

About Us

Our Approach

We want each client to feel like we value them and are vested in their business success.  It’s more than just being big or making a lot of money.  As a client of Baker Business and Tax Solution, from the single 1040 tax client to the business with 100 employees we feel personally connected to our clients and see their success and well being as a top priority.

Our Story

We are a family owned practice working between two generations.  Our family with a background in business consulting, large commercial contracting and manufacturing, marketing and payroll services gives us the ability to provide a wide variety of services to a customer operating in any market.

Meet the Team

We are a family owned business that have operated in various areas of expertise prior to coming together in 2015 as Baker Business and Tax Solutions.

David Baker

Founder / CEO

Business Consultant
Tax Consultant and Preparation
Operations Management




Kim Baker

Marketing & Office Management

Marketing Design
Direct Mail
In House AR/AP Management


Ashley Baker

Payroll & Inside Account Rep

Inside Account Representation
Payroll Operations/Setup



Chris Baker

Account Management & Business Consulant

Outside Account Management
Tax Preparation
Business Consulation