Tips for the Cosmetology & Barber Industry

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Thinking about going in the Cosmetology & Barber Industry review this IRS publication for tax tips.

IRS – Tax Tips for the Cosmetology & Barber Industry

We have a number of clients that are in this industry and are familiar with the different types of pitfalls associated with being a shop owner, independent chair renter, or tipped employee.  Industries that have the potential for a great deal of cash transfer are always under the tax agency watchful eye. If you feel unsure as to how to file or properly document throughout the year Contact Us for a free consultation.

Ringing in 2018

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By Analyzing Income Streams

Occasionally every person poses the question to themselves, whether they are making enough money, and how can they maximize the amount of money available in their life.  This goes for everyone from the business owner an office downtown to the couple that both work to receive a W-2 wage and have a home in a suburb.

So the real question is, how much does it cost me to make the money that I make?